Advocate PetTest CoolShot Dermal Numbing Device For Dogs And Cats

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A new way to deliver pain-free needles, lancets, and injections for your pet!

You LOVE your pets... they're like your children (just, with a little more hair). We feel the same way at PetTest, which is why we sought to take the pain out of injections, lancing, and insulin delivery. Enter: COOLshot. The most humane way to administer shots/syringes. Simply store it in the freezer, and hold to your pet's skin before needles and injections. COOLshot numbs the area thoroughly so you (and your pet) don't have to dread the experience any longer!
COOLshot is great for...
  • Vet Visits
  • Home Testing
  • Insulin Pain/Sting
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